The Top Benefits of River Cruising

The tides change when it comes to cruise holidays, with many travelers swapping the open seas for an intimate riverscape. River cruise has become the most preferred journey for holidaymakers seeking luxury, leisure, and landscape (three Ls) guaranteed to give their cameras a workout. For instance, Mekong river cruises are the best option many people consider today to get a memorable cruising experience.

So, why do you choose a river cruise over a traditional ocean-bound voyage? Here are the top benefits of river cruising that may sway you to consider luxury Mekong river cruises on your next holiday.

Luxurious accommodations

In many instances, river cruises ships are called “floating hotels.” This is because on-board accommodation varies in size and style, with many cruise ships fitted out with four and five star rooms and suites. You are always granted a room with a view to watch the landscape change from the confines of your cabin, while some travelers have their own balconies. For example, if you want to get the utmost comfort you require for your holiday, consider the best Mekong river cruises, and try one.

VIP services

Concierge services ensure all your needs are taken care of, whether you chase an extra blanket to cozy up and watch the sunset from your private balcony, or you want to plan activities for your next docking. In many cases, first time cruisers are blown away by the level of the service they receive on board. In addition, modern and larger cruise ships are full of amenities such as spas, bars, pools, and fitness. For instance, Mekong river cruises often have ships with these amenities to add some bits of enjoyment that makes river cruise fantastic.

Unpack just once

When you travel from one point to another, it can be difficult to feel settled knowing that you will have to repack and head to another point before too long. You should forget about lugging those bags from one lobby to another. A river cruise allows you to feel comfortable while traveling. Therefore, unpack just once and keep your home comforts close by in your private cabin, with plenty of rooms to stow away your purchases from your port stops along the way.

A new destination everyday

Far from being a fleeting fad, a river cruise is one travel trend that is here to stay. An important reason for this is the ability to greet each new day in a new city. A river cruise also allows you to sample sights of several different places, stopping at each port for a few hours at a time. This helps you tick off a few bucket-list of destinations at once. Therefore, if you have a plan to try a river cruise on your next holiday, consider river cruises with luxurious accommodation, fitness parlors, and everything you need to make your vacation enjoyable. For example, you can consider Mekong river cruises to get the most luxurious moments during your holiday.

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How to Enhance Your Volunteering in Cambodia

Cambodia has made a remarkable recovery from a past which was often painful. The most painful chapter of that past was the reign of the Khmer Rouge who committed great atrocities against the population of this beautiful country. But in the years gone by, Cambodia’s recovery from the doldrums and darkness of those days has been nothing short of remarkable. The country’s tourism industry has been recovering over the years, but the country still faces numerous economic and social challenges. This provides plenty of volunteer abroad opportunities for people who would like to make a difference.

volunteer abroad

Some people love combining their volunteer abroad experiences in Cambodia with some tourism and sightseeing. It is an experience that is commonly dubbed as “voluntourism”.  Going on sightseeing and tourism explorations while volunteering in Cambodia is one of the best ways to enhance the experience. Here are some of the best sightseeing destinations that you can explore during your voluntourism in this wonderful country:-

Siem Reap

One of the greatest architectural wonders in Cambodia is the Angkor temples. They a kind of the “Taj Mahal of Cambodia” and they are situated in the city of Siem Reap which is a fast growing commercial city. Thanks to the high tourist traffic to the Angkor temples, Siem Reap is now a city of consumerism with numerous shops, boutiques, hotels, restaurants and many other amenities and it is increasingly offering tourists a world-class experience. Check out Involvement Volunteers International.

Visit Sihanoukville

This is another beautiful gem that you can visit while you volunteer in Cambodia. It has a beachy and laid back atmosphere with its tropical atmosphere and white sandy beaches and is Cambodia’s premier coastal retreat. There are plenty of things that you can do in Sihanoukville and it is a great place to get inspired.

The Riverfront Park

If you are a volunteer in Cambodia and want a taste of the local culture, then this is the place to be. Situated in Phnom Penh, The Riverfront Park is lined with several amenities ranging from the hotels to the restaurants, cafes and many more. There are plenty of dining options which you can also explore here. If you are a gourmand, this is a great place to partake of some of the delicious treats.

Angkor Wat

This is really the symbol of Cambodia and it is even emblazoned on the country’s flag. Angkor Wat is one of the most popular tourist attractions which you can explore when you are on a volunteer abroad stint in Cambodia. It is the largest religious monument in the world and also one of the most ancient. The temple complex includes the remains of several of the Khmer Empire capitals which existed between the 9th and the 15thcentury AD. Its ornate carvings still leave visitors in great wonder to date.

The Central Market

If you are on a volunteering Cambodia stint, this is the place that you can go to if you are looking for various consumer items.  There is a great diversity of merchandise which can be found here. It is a good place to explore if you are looking for a unique shopping experience. For more information visit

Volunteering – The Best Way to Serve and Learn

With busy lives today, it can be difficult to find time to volunteer. However, volunteering benefits are enormous not only to you, but to your family and community as well. Getting the right match will help you reach out to the community, learn new skills, find new friends and advance your career. Your mental and physical health can improve just by volunteering. There are a lot of benefits of being a volunteer abroad.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering – the best way to learn Real Leadership

Young managers can powerfully understand and experience the art of leadership when they volunteer abroad. This is because volunteering helps them follow their vision and persuade people to grasp it.

In order for a business to succeed, managers are supposed to motivate their employees in believing that there is a greater purpose to life other that meeting their financial goals. This way, they will be motivated to work for a greater purpose of serving and making change in the community. This works well if they volunteer, for they will be working with a greater vision in mind.

Organizations that have corporate programs which encourage their employees to volunteer overseas always bring out more productive and happier workers. People who take their time to volunteer have a feeling of satisfaction and motivation. For example, if you volunteer in Fiji, you get to manage and help different individuals. In the process, you will understand the best way to manage a community of people. These leadership skills are very essential for a business to be great.

The Health Benefits

There are so many health benefits that volunteers gain when they involve themselves in volunteering activities. These include:

Quality of Life 

A study that was carried out in May 2012 by the ‘Royal Voluntary Service’ found out that when volunteering, you decrease depression and social isolation. It also boosts quality life and satisfaction. A volunteer abroad always interacts with the needy in the society they are in. Choosing to help them creates good will and satisfaction of helping the world.

Improved Self Esteem and sense of Purpose

Choosing to volunteer abroad can motivate and bring back your self-esteem. An example is a volunteer in India, Africa and other places can help the needy community. Seeing people benefiting from your own services improves self esteem, which is great for your health and general well-being.

Better Social support, Interaction and Integration

When you choose to help a community e.g. being a volunteer Fiji has today, you get to listen more and offer help. This makes you a good listener and a problem solver. This improves social interaction and a good habit of lending a helping hand. Studies show that even volunteers could help reduce depression among patients; hence one can learn how to give good emotional support.

Reduces Burden on Careers as well as helps you Learn

Being able to work as a volunteer is beneficial to an organization. You become a great value to them. The work strain is reduced helping them carry their duties effectively, hence serving the society well. This is also a great learning opportunity for volunteers, as it enables them to observe and experience their area of expertise. For example, there are a lot of rural schools to help when you become a volunteer India communities need. Choosing to help them improves public speaking skills and communication.

What Makes River Cruises Worthwhile?

When the time for holiday is approaching, people become a little apprehensive about a perfect holiday destination that will not only guarantee a sizzling experience but offer awesome adventure as well. This makes the choice of a good destination quite important. Of course many people often think the only place that would be captivating is the open sea or the ocean. But come to think about it, so many people flock the sandy beaches during holidays, sometimes creating congestion. So why not try a holiday in the river instead! When planning for a holiday this season, take a look at the latest Mekong river tours offers at the moment.

River tours offer so much in terms of adventure and leisure. Here are reasons why the next holiday should be a river holiday:

  • Different Destinations Each Day – A river experience gives the holiday makers a chance to greet the sunshine each morning from a different destination. An individual could find out Mekong river tours offers in terms of varying destinations each day. Getting to a new place each day after a smooth night on a boat ride can be a lovely experience. During the day, holidaymakers stop at each port to sample existing features of various sites.
  • A Range of Activities Onshore – Many people have often settled on river banks for plenty of reasons over the years. In fact, most towns and cities were once just villages but due to activities taking place by the shores of the river, they blossomed to be huge towns and cities. Different shores offer different activities that a holidaymaker on a river tour can explore. An individual could take a look at the latestMekong river tours offers for holidaymakers.
  • Luxurious Accommodation – There is a reason cruising river ships are called ‘floating boats’. Finding out the Mekong river tours offers currently could help one choose the type of on board accommodation that suits their needs. The boats vary in style and size, with most ships fitted with 4 or 5 star suites and rooms. The rooms are designed to give merrymakers perfect views of various landscapes. To enjoy the comforts of a given cabin, an individual can choose a stateroom with styled grandeur as they sail from Siem Reap to Saigon in safety and comfort.
  • One Unpacks Only Once – Most holidays involve packing and unpacking as people move to various hotel rooms. This can be hectic for someone with children. A river cruise on the other hand, allows one to get comfortable in their room as they wait to savor various sites. Once inside the cabin, all one does is to arrange their purchases at an ideal point within the cabin.
  • VIP Service – During river tours, there are fewer passengers on each trip, giving a holidaymaker the opportunity to be treated with utmost courtesy as they cruise the Mekong from Siem Reap to Saigon. Concierge services offered during boat rides are fast as they wish to make a person’s stay more than memorable.
  • Indulgence – Boat trips offer rare opportunities to wine and dine luxuriously. During meal times, once can have a taste of exotic dishes, with meals made to rhyme with the surrounding environments. Take the opportunity to make the Mekong River Cruise a dream come true.

Well, there is absolutely all the reason to go for a boat ride this holiday season. With so much on offer, one can expect nothing but a fantastic experience. Check out Compagnie Fluviale du Mekong for additional resources.

Getting a Reliable Australian Immigration Advice

Australia has very strict rules in providing immigration agent services. If you are planning to use the services of any particular migration agent, it is important to ensure that they are strictly adhering to the country’s rules and regulations. Professional migration agents should be registered with Australia’s Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, commonly abbreviated as OMARA or MARA. Thus, LWS Migration Advisory or LWSMA is one of the best MARA-registered migration agents in Perth.

LWS Migration Advisory

The OMARA website can be found here: Before using the services of a particular agent, it is important to verify if they are registered with Office of the MARA. Otherwise, they could simply be brokers – sourcing and outsourcing business from you to a professional immigration agent registered with MARA.

Naturally, this will increase the cost of your visa processing. The MARA official website contains plenty of resources, including guidelines and forms on how an agent can be registered with this office.

Top Reasons to Use a Professional Registered Immigration Advisor

It is often said that a stitch in time will save nine. The same concept applies when looking for immigration advisors. It is important to do the legwork by yourself, as well as figuring out what agencies are offering the most professional services. Not only will this save you money, but will also guarantee that you are submitting valid applications.

Here are some reasons to use immigration advisory services:

  • Before wasting time and money going through the application process on your own, you can contact immigration advisory services to assess your chances of success during the application process. You can also get a realistic idea on your chances of success as professional agencies have intricate knowledge in visa application processes. They have a good idea on the kinds of applications that typically go through and the ones that typically fail. /your chances of success are, of course, dependent on your eligibility. Factors such as your age, work experience, language ability, and skills are crucial.
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria, an immigration advisory service – like LWS Migration Advisory -will advise you on the best pathways for immigration, offering you the best chances for success.  As a result, you do not want to waste too much money pursuing the wrong path that will likely end in a heartbreak.
  • There are additional perks associated when using the services of a professional migration agent like LWS Migration Advisory. For example, you will get bonus tips and advice on how you can navigate some of the complexities or hitches associated with migration application processes. Immigration law is complex and constantly changing at the whims of legislators. You need someone with their nose in the industry who understands all laws and several nuances. They can also advise you accordingly to smooth your way during the application process.

Tips in Picking Reliable Migration Advisors

Apart from the aforementioned MARA registration, look at the registration status in professional industry bodies. This is usually a guarantee of competence and professionalism. It is also important to look at their credentials and experience in the industry.

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Determining Your South Pattaya Hotel Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation during your visit to South Pattaya will be a great determinant in making your holiday enjoyable. Whereas many people put the budget as the first thing while deciding on their hotel in south Pattaya, there are actually many other factors to guarantee you the right accommodation for your holiday. Hotels in south Pattaya vary in different ways not just in price ranges. Consider the following as you will be making your grand decision.

Location factors

Your purpose of the visit is very much related to the location in which you choose your hotel. For example, if you are in south Pattaya for a business meeting, a location that is near the meeting area is an ideal choice as it will be convenient for you and will also help you to avoid showing up late for your meetings. If you are on a vacation, a good location would be the one that is close to the tourist attraction centers that you would like to visit. Also your preferences are important such that if you just want a quiet getaway, look for a hotel in a remote area.

Amenities you like

If you plan to have fun and know your likes, identify the hotels that have the facilities you want like gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi among others. Whatever is your definition of ultimate luxury, there must be a hotel that caters for it. As there is no point of going to a place that does not cater to your interests.

Ratings of the hotels

Most hotels in south Pattaya are ranked according to star ratings. The number of the stars determines the quality of the hotel. Therefore, if a hotel has many stars, then it’s a good quality facility and might as a result be more pricey. Therefore, as you choose make sure it also fits into your budget.


It’s not good to assume that all hotels in south Pattaya are family friendly. Therefore, if you are travelling with family, it is very important to identify a hotel that is family friendly with things such as children’s playground, baby pool, as it is very fundamental that all of you on holiday enjoy your time. Services like children’s menu and laundry services are also key to put into consideration.

Final decision

It’s important you check the online reviews of other customers on the hotel in south Pattaya you have selected. This will help inform you on the kind of services you expect from the hotel. Many websites are dedicated to showing online reviews; just browse through them and make an informed decision. Most online reviews are brutally honest, so they are totally reliable.

There are a variety of south Pattaya hotels offering different services and amenities, and hence, deciding on a place to stay can be quite a task. Some important tips to ease your hunt are the location, whether they have amenities that cater to your interests, the hotel star ratings and online reviews. All these will help you find the best hotel in south Pattaya for you.

Learn More About Well-Being Hotels in Bangkok

Your vacation draws close and you wonder which five-star hotel could give you the best accommodation experience during your vacation. If your destination is Thailand, you need to discover the benefits that you can get from a wellbeing hotel in Bangkok. Many travelers choose hotels based on location, service, and great restaurants that exist therein. However, when it comes to selecting a well-being hotel, it is important to look beyond the obvious. Here are some of the benefits that come with a well-being hotel.

Professional Well-Being Services

After wining and dining in your preferred hotel, it dawns on you that you need a bit of well-being services as well. At that point, you begin to think of your local gym or spa back at home. Well, with a wellbeing hotel in Bangkok, you need not worry. Well-being hotels often have a professional staff to attend to their customers when it comes to facial care, foot care, body massage. Such services are useful because they address real life issues. For example, as we age, our skin becomes less elastic as wrinkles and laughter lines begin to develop.

Professional staff in well-being hotels in Thailand can transform your appearance by giving professional full body massage, feet and hand care as well as face care.

Full Body Massage

Massage is a widely accepted service to revive the functionality and overall well-being of a person. When performed by qualified experts, it can provide a great relief to the body. One of the reasons why people go on holiday is to relax unwind and re-energize after a long session of continuous work. In Bangkok, Thailand, staying in a well-being hotel is one way to achieve this objective. It requires professionals to deliver proper quality massage. For that reason, it is important to find out whether your preferred hotel has adequate professionals to carry out the exercise.

Hand and Feet Care

Hands and feet are parts of the body that are exposed to elements that can make them age quickly. Well being hotels in Bangkok should ensure that they have professionals in hand and foot care to provide their customers with adequate services in that field. Does the hotel have enough instruments to provide quality services in this area? Most customers in need of these services look for experts in dealing with brittle nails, the rough skin around the nails, and cuticles. Performed by qualified experts in that field, customers can leave the hotel feeling healthy and vigorous.

Overall Hotel Service

Even with professional well-being services, it is still important for the hotel to embrace adequate services. A well-being hotel should have superior service including doormen that assist their customers immediately as their ride pulls up at the hotel entrance. At the reception, a happy and friendly receptionist should meet them. That kind of service paves a way for a long-term business relationship with the hotel staff and customers, making them willing to come back.

Top tips for choosing a leisure hotel in Bangkok

People spend their leisure moments in different ways. This calls for your choice as a tourist or as a businessperson. Whether you travel for business or as a tourist, choosing the right hotel where you spend your precious time is an important factor to consider. The leisure hotel you prefer should meet your expectations by offering you quality services where necessary. For your business group or as tourists, leisure hotels in Bangkok often offer suitable accommodation with trained professionals who know how to handle customers with care. Consider these factors before you book a hotel in Bangkok.

Consider the location

 If you travel to this city, it is advisable to look for hotel near tourist spot in the city. Not only that, also ensure that where your preferred leisure hotel is situated is highly secured. Hotels near tourist spots can be expensive but they provide more adventure and you can immerse more into the vibes of the city when spending time near the city center. Staying near a tourist spot can improve your interaction experience as well as geographical ability. To narrow down your search for leisure hotels in Bangkok, you can visit their reliable website for more information on the hotel location you want.

Consider pricing

Price factor varies from one hotel to another with regard to their rating. Local hotels may have lower prices than mainstream ones. Therefore, it depends on how much you want to spend on your leisure moment. In addition, online searching for information can help you search and weigh the prices of different hotels then you can choose the one that fits you. For customers’ information, leisure hotels in Bangkok are cheap in their services that any customer from any part of the world can afford. If you like a homey feel, you can search for their bed and breakfast hotels. In addition, they offer great accommodation services and internet services to the customers.

In case you do not get all the amenities you require, it is advisable to eliminate some that are unavailable and get the available ones and if this sounds as a hard work to you, you can contact a reliable expert for more advice.

For your business

If you travel for a business reason, be in a position to ask your preferred service provider about the discount for business or a group of events. Feel free to bargain with them on the entire price and other extra charges. If you want to use their convention room, ask how many attendance can fit in that specific room. As a group you need to eat regularly for the duration you stay there therefore, your preferred service providers should be in a position to offer discount on meals and catering services. In addition, you can also ask about any group meeting near the hotel that your members can attend. Do not forget to consider the number of rooms available in the hotels and ensure they fit the number of members you have.

Give Your Employees Incentive with a Nice Seal Rocks Accommodation

There are different ways in which you can give an incentive to your employees. Just giving cash benefits is not enough. If you arrange a weekend out for all your employees at some place near Seal Rock, it will be rocking. Spending time with family in a place like Blueys beach along with colleagues will increase the spirit of your employees. The result of this outing will be long term that your organization will get for months to come. However, while planning on such an outing, it’s necessary that you arrange for a Seal Rocks accommodation too.

Things to check while booking an accommodation in Seal rocks

Accommodation type will be different for different purposes. Like if you are going with family and friends, it will be different from something that you should opt for if you were on an office outing. Accommodation for romantic getaways will also be different. However, when you are arranging accommodation in Seal Rocks for your employees, you have to consider a few things.

The first one is that whether you will keep employees of every grade in the same type of accommodation or will there be different accommodations for different grades. This is because when you are taking all your employees, it is obvious that there will be some hierarchy among them. So, decode before searching for accommodation Seal Rocks has as to whether you want the same type of accommodation or different ones.

Next you have to check out the arrangements. Will you get various facilities in the resort or hotel? They should be able to cater to a group of people. It will be better if they can arrange for sightseeing of the local attractions.

Even the food at a Seal Rocks accommodation is also something that you have to consider. This is because when you are taking a group of people, you need to be sure that they are fed well.

The accommodation should be located at such a place, which has proximity to different attractions of the place. Being far away from beaches or national parks will take much time for travelling.

Enquire for group booking

After you have considered everything that you need at the Seal Rocks accommodation, you can start looking for a place that will provide accommodation for your employees. However, when you make the booking, ask them whether they have arrangements for group booking. There are many resorts and hotels that offer discount on group booking. This decreases the overall expenditure on stay. You can utilize this amount for any recreational purpose.

Moreover, as you will be travelling with your office staff, make sure that the staff at the resort or hotel will provide you with different amenities that will keep you all at leisure. They should also arrange for buses that will take you all for local sightseeing.

If any resort has the facility of group booking, then you will get all these facilities from them.

Finally, going to a place like Seal rock and Blueys beach will be memorable for your employees only when the stay is comfortable. So it is necessary that you take care of that before you make the bookings. Find out more at HTTP://WWW.BLUEYSRETREAT.COM.AU/HOLIDAY-RESORT-ACCOMMODATION-BLUEYS-BEACH.ASPX.

Choose Grande Center Point Hotel When in Ratchadamri, Bangkok

Planning a vacation to exotic Thailand anytime soon? Are you looking to feel the vibe of the city? Do you plan on bargain hunting for rare finds and shop till you drop? Then the best area to explore in Bangkok is Ratchadamri. This is the biggest and busiest shopping district in all of Bangkok. You can find almost all type of things on sale may it be jewelry, clothing, artisan handicrafts, books, souvenirs and a whole lot more. The large department stores are located in this area. There are also several shopping arcades and countless or smaller boutique shops if that is what you like. There are a bunch of cinemas and theaters to choose from to pass the time as well as a good hotel near Ratchadamri BTS to experience high-class accommodation. Over a dozen luxury and first class hotels are also situated in this area which all is accessible via sky train.

Bangkok Sky Train or otherwise known as BTS is Bangkok’s sky train with lines covering the central business district and other areas. It is the best and fastest means when braving the traffic and pollution of Bangkok. It is convenient as it runs regularly from 6 am until midnight. So if you are planning on visiting anytime soon, the best areas to choose your hotel in Bangkok would be where there is a nearby BTS station. A highly recommended accommodation near the station is the Grande Centre Point with its numerous good reviews from customers worldwide.

The Grande Centre Point hotel near Ratchadamri BTS boasts of Bangkok’s rich cultural heritage right in the heart of Bangkok. As it is set in one of Bangkok’s eventful metropolitan areas on Ratchadamri road, it is very convenient for any traveler. Ratchadamri epitomizes an urban luxury and paradise even in a busy metropolitan such as Bangkok. It is easily accessible with above and below ground public transportation. Other important and outstanding establishments are also within walking distance. As the Grande Centre Point is a hotel near Ratchadamri BTS, there definitely will be no shortage of sights to see nearby, shopping malls to visit, and dining and entertainment.  If you decide to go exploring on your own, you can also take a five-minute walk to the to Erawan Shrine or a ten-minute walk to CTW and also near Siam Paragon, Siam Center, MBK and Platinum Mall.

This hotel is a perfect place for business travelers, family outings and even honeymooners. If offers the experience of a lifetime. It is the perfect getaway that provides luxury, relaxation and the ultimate indulgence. With world-class facilities and amenities, you will not have any shortage of activities when planning your dream vacation in Bangkok.  You can explore the city and experience leisure at its best with destinations such as Madame Tussaud’s, Siam Ocean World, the world-famous Jatujak market and so much more. With its luxury amenities including a luxurious swimming pool, high-speed free internet, as well as customer oriented staff, the hotel definitely guarantees a memorable and worthwhile trip in this city.